Welcome to Doing Foresight


Welcome to Doing Foresight

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Doing Foresight is a support instrument for future oriented policy analysis activities/projects. It will help you examine your problem and choose aims. You can use it to screen for relevant methods. And you can examine your performance compared to your aims/ambitions. Eventually, it will support you in evaluating your activity.

Use Start to log on and commence using the tool on the web or Download to download the tool to your own local server. In the menu Manual you can also download a manual and the tool in a paper-based version (though we strongly recommend using the web-based version).


The tool was designed by the DBT team: Director Lars Klüver, project manager Anders Hoff, project manager Ida-Elisabeth Andersen and project manager Gy Larsen. Jonas Holbech made the coding. Appearance designed by Lars Koudal.

The method module was made in cooperation with task 3.4 Foresight toolkit and training schemes of the ForSociety ERA-Net, lead by Dr. Ellen Veie (RCN), with assistance from Dr. Mikko Syrjänen (Finnish ministry of Research and Technology).

Use of the tool is at ones own risk. The design team bears no responsibility for loss of data or otherwise. Please refer to the Terms of use